The OITA’s Branding Homepage Usage Policy for Facebook and Twitter

March 13, 2017
Oita Brand Goods Promotion Division, Oita Prefectural Government

he Oita Prefecture currently moderates pages on Facebook and Twitter for ‘The OITA’ to better promote local agricultural, forestry and fisheries products. The following policy was compiled to prevent ambiguity and any cause for misunderstanding in our website’s contents.

Please use the website’s services after confirming and agreeing to the following items.

Page Name


Page URL



Page Moderator

Oita Brand Goods Promotion Division

Page Content

Information on Oita’s agricultural, forestry and fisheries products (e.g. produce name, production place, relevant events etc.)

Comment Moderation

We do not reply to comments under normal circumstances.
If you have any comment or advice concerning prefectural policies, please complete and submit the Suggestions Form on the Oita Prefectural Government’s official website.

Prohibited Items

The following types of comments are prohibited on the Service. If your comment meets any of the following descriptions, it may be partially or completely removed without prior notice.
Contents that defy the law.
Contents that defy public order or morality.
Contents that violate a third-party member’s human rights or other fundamental rights.
Contents that reveal sensitive personal information without the said person’s consent.
Defamatory contents that target an individual, corporate or organization.
Contents that promote for-profit, political or religious activities, or other similar activities.
Contents that are irrelevant to posts by the Oita Prefecture.
Contents that contain fabricated or falsified information.
Contents that infringe intellectual properties of the Oita Prefecture, the website’s users, or any third party; specific rights include but are not limited to copyright, trademark right and portrait right.
Contents that cause the Oita Prefecture, the website’s users and any third party to suffer loss or harm.
Contents with links to malicious software.
Contents that are inappropriate or obscene in nature.
Contents that violate Facebook or Twitter’s terms of service.
Any other content deemed inappropriate by the Oita Brand Goods Division.


The copyright of photos, illustrations, sound data and video data posted on this website belongs to either the Oita Prefecture or their rightful owners. Usage and reproduction of the website’s contents is prohibited except for cases that are recognized by copyright law. (Sharing posted articles is not considered unauthorized usage or unauthorized reproduction.)


While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the website’s information, the Oita Prefecture shall not be held responsible for any consequences caused by users using said information.

In no circumstance shall the Oita Prefecture be liable for any loss or damage caused by users accessing the website.

Personal Information

Personal information is information about an individual which can identify the specific individual by name, date of birth, or other description contained in such information.

Personal information shall not be used or provided outside of the stated purpose, except for cases where consent has been granted by the person in question, or other cases that are specified by the Oita Prefecture’s personal information protection ordinance.

The Oita Prefecture will only collect personal information through this website with the user’s consent.


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