Oita’s agricultural, forestry and fishery products

Oita’s other products

What is "The Oita"

The Oita” is a prefectural produce brand shaped

according to producers, distributors and consumers. We put our efforts into strengthening the creation and branding of “The Oita”, to spread the love of our local agricultural, forestry, and fishery products.
Kabosu, a traditional Oita produce registered under the Geographical Indication protection system, along with kabosu-fed yellowtail and flounder fish.
Oita also has Japan’s highest-ranked dried shiitake mushrooms in terms of both quality and amount produced, as well as Oita Wagyu beef, only the highest quality meat carefully selected from the historically rich Oita Bungo beef, and more.
Shaped by the opinions of consumers, we hope to create a top brand and for Oita Prefecture to be known as a place of extraordinary food.