Sand pear


A summer fruit, the Kosui is juicy and refreshing to the taste. Measuring at around level 13 on the sugar content scale, it is characterized by its high sugar content and juiciness.





The Hosui is the most widely planted cultivar in Oita. The peel is of a reddish-brown color with individual fruits weighing from 350~400g. The flesh is tender, juicy, and sweet with a hint of tartness, delivering a refreshing sensation to the palate.




Boasting individual fruits that weigh 1kg or more, the Nitaka is characterized by its impressive size. Firm to the bite, the Nitaka has excellent shelf-life, exhibiting a prominent sweetness that intensifies through autumn, and is defined by its unique flavors.




The Shinko bears individual fruits that weigh at around 500g on average, and has a good balance between sweetness and tartness.




A prized cultivar that bears fruit from late autumn to spring, individual fruits of the Okusankichi weigh at 700g or more, and is characterized by its sophisticated sweetness with a hint of tartness not to mention excellent shelf life.




With a flesh that is delicate, tender and juicy, the Akizuki is characterized by its high sugar content with a hint of tartness. The Akizuki’s harvest period lies in between those of the Kosui and Nitaka’s, producing individual fruits that weigh at around 500g on average.




A richly flavored pear with a perfect balance of tartness and sweetness. Exhibiting the best tastes at around Christmas, the Hori was named in reference to ‘Holy Night’.

【Characteristics: Taste, size】
・ The fruit of the Hori is oval shaped, weighs at least 700g, and has a brown skin with a reddish-yellow tinge.
・ The Hori is a richly flavored pear with a good balance between sweetness and tartness. On average, the fruit measures at a level 13 or higher on the sugar content scale and has a pH level of around 4.
The Hori is a result of hybridization efforts of the ‘Atago’ and ‘Shinko’ varieties conducted at the Fruit Trees Department of the Oita Prefectural Agricultural Research Center. The name was registered on Mar 23, 2007 (registration number: 15413).


Sand pear

Shipping time
Kosui:July~August 、Hosui:August ~September 、Nitaka:September~February 、Shinko:October~November、Okusankichi:November~February 、Akizuki:September 、Hori:November ~December
Transportation form
Oitaken Agricultural Co-operatives
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