Shine Muscat

The Shine Muscat is a local product of Oita that is popular for its juiciness, sweet tastes and right balance of tartness ? the thin peel and crispy texture are its major selling points.

After making its debut in Ajimu, Usa in 2008, the Shine Muscat has been gradually introduced to other regions across the prefecture, and is enjoying a boost in production volumes.

The buds are promoted into growth through heating in late June, with optimal harvest periods spanning across August throughout to September.




The Pione is enjoying an expansion in cultivation area, falling behind only to the Kyoho. With large and seedless fruits, the Pione is tasty and crispy to the bite.



The Kyoho is the most widely produced grape cultivar in Oita with a high sugar content and rich flavors. Recently, there has been attempts in adjusting cultivation methods in order to produce seedless fruits.




Oita places 10th in Japan for production volumes of the Delaware, with shipping periods beginning from early summer. Seedless and easy to eat, the Delaware is a strong contestant in the long-standing contest for popularity.


Shipping time
Shine Muscat:June~November 、Pione:July~November 、Kyoho:July~October 、Delaware:June~August
Transportation form
Oitaken Agricultural Co-operatives
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