Terms of Service

Oita Brand Goods Promotion Division

Terms of Service

  1. The Service is applicable to all users of ‘The OITA’ website. By using the services of ‘The OITA’ website, you agree to accept the Service’s terms.
  2. The terms of use for ‘The OITA’ website’s various services are all considered part of this Service. Please refer to the Service when using this website.
  3. The Service’s contents may be subject to change. Any change will be updated on this website.


The website’s handling of personal data is based on the contents of the Oita Prefecture’s privacy policy.


The contents released on this website are protected by copyright unless otherwise specified. No image and text on this website may be reproduced in part or in whole, sold, electromagnetically processed, redistributed or treated in other similar manners without prior permission from the Oita Brand Goods Promotion Division.

Prohibited Items

The following are prohibited on the Service.

  1. Using contents of the website without the rightful holder’s consent.
  2. Altering or falsifying the website’s contents.
  3. Behaviors that are contrary to public order and morality.
  4. Behaviors that are inappropriate to social norms.
  5. Behaviors that violate the rights of another company or organization.
  6. Solicitations that are for-profit or religious, or promotion to organizations of similar natures.
  7. Actions that execute or incite the denouncement, defamation or discrimination against specific individuals, organizations or ethnic groups.
  8. Intercepting, damaging or restricting the website’s communication facilities or those of its users using any form of software or hardware.
  9. Any behavior that violates the law.

Disclaimer on Cyber Law in Different Regions

While ‘The OITA’’s services comply with the law of Japan, we ask that users in other regions of world adhere to local laws when using the website.

Property Rights

  1. Unless otherwise specified, all property on ‘The OITA’ belong to the Oita Brand Goods Promotion Division of the Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Department at the Oita Prefectural Government.
  2. Information posted on the Mioclub, such as texts, images and sound clips, may be reproduced in digital newsletters or other forms of publication. By posting contents onto Mioclub, users agree to this term of use.

Change or Termination of Service

  1. When necessary, ‘The OITA’ may choose to change, suspend, or terminate the content of its services to users.
  2. In the event of a disaster, emergency, facility maintenance, telecommunications equipment failure or other unforeseen circumstances, the Oita Prefecture may choose to suspend or terminate the website’s services.
  3. The Oita Prefecture is not liable to any loss or damage caused by the possible suspension or termination of services, regardless of the cause.

Arbitration Agreement

Should ‘The OITA’ fall into dispute with its users or any third-party member for reasons not addressed in the Disclaimer clause, the operator shall exercise the best of its abilities to bring all involved parties to a mediated resolution. Under the event where mediation fails, the Oita District Court shall have jurisdiction with respect to all disputes as is governed by the laws of Japan.