Kome no Megumi

Raised in Oita, a prefecture that is plentiful in natural resources such as its diversified landforms and famous waters, the Kome no Megumi breed produces delicious pork that boast exquisite umami and a smooth texture that will undoubtedly make any meat-lover’s mouth water. The Oita Rice-Fed Pork Brand Promotion Council measures oleic acid levels in pigs that were given feed consisting of at least 10% rice in the later stages of their fattening period. Pork higher in oleic acid are characterized by their hint of sweetness, aroma and lack of gamely odor. The fat in such pork also has a lower melting point, giving off a smooth texture on the palate.

Standards for the ‘Kome no Megumi’
Pork that meet the following standards established by the Oita Rice-Fed Pork Brand Promotion Council are classified as ‘Kome no Megumi’.
1. The pigs must be sourced in Oita prefecture, and must be fed with feed that contains at least 10% rice in its total weight at the later stages of the fattening period (generally lasting 60 days or more).
2. The pork must have undergone oleic acid level testing by food-grade fat analyzers.


Kokonoe Yume Pork

Meeting the strict hygiene standards of the SPF system (i.e. product must be free from the five pathogens that hinder the growth of pigs), the Kokonoe Yume Pork is free of chemical residues, and is characterized by its finely grained texture and lack of odors.


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