Oita-produced eggs are characterized by their dense yolks and tender whites. Covered by a steady shell, the eggs show off rich yolks that are as theatrical as a full moon and whites with a bouncy texture. With yolks wrapped by thick layers of white, the eggs can be enjoyed as springy textured, richly flavored bite-sized treats.

With a dedication to safety and reliability, only the most natural feed and water are used. To produce delicious tasting eggs, the chickens are given a special blend of feed that is high in nutrition.

The minutest attention is also applied to hygiene management. Salmonella and other bacteria that cause illnesses in chickens are the greatest enemy to producing tasty eggs, so a series of efforts are conducted to ensure that the chickens stay in good health ? only authorized persons are allowed to enter the coops, and feed-delivery and egg-collection trucks must undergo disinfection upon entering and leaving the facilities.


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