Japanese flounder

Kabosu Flounder

The ‘Kabosu Flounder’ is a new brand that was created by raising flounders with feed containing ‘kabosu’, Oita’s specialty citrus. Limonene, the component that gives kabosu its fragrance, accumulates in the liver and tail fin muscles, suppressing fishy odors and in turn resulting in flesh that deliver a refreshing sensation on the palate.

Specification standards for a delicious Kabosu Flounder
① Fish feed must contain 1% kabosu juice.
Flounders must be fed for at least 20 times before shipment.
Feed must contain 0.5% powdered kabosu peel.
Flounders must be fed for at least 25 times before shipment.
②Individual fish should weigh at around 1kg.
(This standard may be subject to adjustment depending on details of the order, production volume and other factors.)

Japanese flounder

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